Spring flowers, Tulips by Truly Gorgeous Flowers

Spring is a wonderful time of year with beautiful spring flowers blooming.

One of the most popular spring flowers is the Tulip, which is always a popular choice.

Tulips symbolize their own meaning which greatly depends on the colour of the Tulips.

Which are as follows:

  • Red Tulips: passionate love

  • Purple Tulips: royalty

  • White Tulips: forgiveness

  • Cream Tulips: commitment,eternal love , i will love you forever

  • Yellow Tulips: once hopeless love to now being cheerful warm sunny thoughts

  • Orange Tulips: happiness, energy, warmth, enthusiasm & desire

  • Pink Tulips: happiness, confidence & caring

  • Varigated Tulips: sends the message that the recipient has beautiful eyes

Tulips popularity continues to endure and are one of the most loved & recognized spring flowers.

Tulips are sent as  flower gifts for many occasions including Valentine’s Day, spring flower gifts for birthday gifts, a perfect gift for those celebrating their 11th wedding anniversary and also a great gift for Mothers Day!


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Valentine’s Day Red Roses by Truly Gorgeous Flowers

Hello there!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and at Truly Gorgeous Flowers we have been busy creating a stunning collection of romantic Valentine gifts.

We have specially selected two varieties of red roses especially for our Valentine gifts!

To ensure top quality, freshness and long vase life.

To help you choose the perfect Valentine rose for your loved one this Valentine’s here is our red rose guide with all you need to know about our range of red roses.


“Freedom red roses are our classic choice large headed red rose.
A popular red rose with velvety petals,
Which bursts into a beautiful red rose. 
A quality rose with a good vase life

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“Naomi is our luxury choice red rose
which has a luxurious, look & feel with a suttle sweet scent
Which has lots of smooth velvety petals
with a good vase life.

A stunning red rose”

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Happy Valentine’s Day from Truly Gorgeous Flowers